Texas Conference for WomenFirst, I would like to say that is has been a while since I last wrote…yes, I know I promised I would keep up my blog but life just hasn't let that happen.

However something amazing happen to me this week. I attended the Texas Conference for Women and I was inspired to live up to my dreams, free myself from my anxieties, get a life coach or mentor and begin to blog again.

In a session called Influence Expansion: How To Leverage and Grow Your Influence to Drive Real Business Growth, by @LenaWest, I was inspired to become a member of #KredStory.  If you're not familiar with it, it's very similar to Klout. As of today, I have joined and I have my Kred badge now posted on my website.  Now, lets increase that score…whoa, it's low and I thought I was an influencer! Lena was a good speaker. She mentioned 4 tools that we should all adhere to:

  1. What is your state of mind and your commitment? Are you ready to be an influencer?…I am committed and ready!
  2. Tools you use: Stick to two social networks and do them well. I have decided that Twitter and Facebook is where I need to focus.
  3. Influencer Engagement: I am going to visit my Facebook insights more to see what topics engage the most and I am going to use Kred to help me see my stats.
  4. Growth: My accountability is where I need the most help. So with the help of another resource Lena mentioned CoachMeFree.com, I am hoping to accomplish this and make some life goals and commitments to myself. Again, one of them being this blog.

A women in the audience came up to the mic and mentioned that Proverbs 27:17 was her inspiration. "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another". I want to be an iron that sharpens another. I also learned a new word, Espaculation: "To speculate about a past, present, or future ejaculation". I need to think about my past, present and future to shape whom I am. and lastly but most importantly I took to heart the following advice. "Get something that has influenced you and take it to your followers".

So here's my influence for you, I have officially signed up for Lena's Influence Expansion Academy. You can too at http://www.influenceexpansion.com/

Join me and we can influence together…V