Small Business package

Need help marketing your business online but don’t have the money to?
The Social Being is now offering Small Business Startup Packages!

The Social Being is offering two Small Business Starter Packages that help provide successful online marketing at a price point accessible to small startup businesses. Each specialized package consists of what your small business needs in order to create and expand online brand awareness.

$1,950 Package

The $1,950 package provides your business with 19 hours of specialized online marketing strategies. Includes:
  • 6 hours dedicated to graphics which entails creating a simple logo (optimized to use on all social media platforms) and creating a 2-sided business card
  • 2 hours dedicated to setting up and verifying your website under Google My Business
  • 5 hours dedicated to creating your Google website, setting up and configuring your G-Suite, as well as placing your content into your website
  • 2 hours dedicated to building up your social media by contributing a header cover transferable for your Google, Facebook, and/or Instagram accounts as well as two on-brand posts
  • 4 hours dedicated to TSB account services

Additional Costs:
Since TSB will use Google Sites to create and manage your website, you’ll have to pay a small monthly and yearly fee for the services provided through Google.

G Suite: $6 per user per month
Google Domain: $12 per year