SXSWi sessions are over but the streets of Austin continue to thrive since the Film and Music festivals are just about to get underway but for us geeky peeps, SXSW is just a memory.

This year I went badgeless again. I have come to the realization that I will be buying a badge for 2013. The parties were fun, met tons of peeps from many parts of the world, attending the Tech Career to see what was “out there” but I have to say that being badgeless this year was not by choice.

On Friday morning, The Girl Geeks Brunch was amazing.  There are so many women who are involved in technology around the globe.  We connected with a special lady named Nicole Simon who is the organizer for the chapter in Germany.  Since I plan on establishing the Geek Girl Dinners in San Antonio, I am hoping that she will join us next year as our Guest Speaker.

Girl Geek Dinner

Later that day, we continued to the Austin Convention Center where I created a video with the help of Dell Computers. I have to say, it was the most memorable event.  I actually inspired myself…lol

Veronica Morales from Dell on Vimeo.

I also encountered the Pepsi wave of the future: Computer Vending Machines, now this is outstanding!

Pepsi Vending Machine

Pepsi Vending Machine

The day continued as we begin to attend parties in the pouring rain, cold and wet but we still persevered onward.  Ending the night by meeting Yiying Lu,aka Twitter’s Fail Whale creator.  She is awesome…I invited her to San Antonio to visit.  I hope she takes me up on it.

Twitter Fail Whale

Twitter Fail Whale

Yiying Lu, aka Fail Whale Creator

Yiying Lu, aka Fail Whale Creator and Me

It was a great 1st day at SXSWi 2012…2nd day blog to come…