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WordPress Website Development Service

TSB will create a flexible and modular website using the WordPress CMS – Content Management System.

The website will be responsive and adaptive and includes basic on-page search engine optimization (SEO) for search engines to properly index.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Website Optimization: includes page title optimization, meta description optimization, keyword phrase optimization, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console and monthly search engine optimization (SEO) reports. Includes optimized pages, and keyword research report.

Social Media Marketing

TSB social media team will create and implement a digital marketing strategy. The team will carry out all day-to-day social media activities and will be responsible for posting (varies per agreement) to all Social Media outlets. The team will ensure that all social media networks are branded, consistent, and connected to the client’s website.

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App Development

Ready to jump into the mobile application world? We’ve got you covered with options to meet every budget. Find out what an app can do for your business.
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TSB offers consulting services to small business owners helping provide solutions to complex problems, improve internal efficiency and implement improvements to business strategy. With over 22 years worth of real-world experience, TSB is locally known for our ability to help multi-level organizations in a wide rage of industries.
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TSB offers CTV and OTT services giving clients the ability to advertise their branded video content on streaming devices and services as :15 or :30 second commercials. With a growing audience of over 200 million streamers, Connected TV (CTV) and Over The Top (OTT) streaming services helps extend your reach to a new audience.
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Email Marketing

TSB can help market your service to your clients. TSB will design your branded template, upload your contacts, and send out monthly e-newsletter to your prospective clients.

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Event Management

TSB provides assistance with events and on-site promotions. We offer an array of event management services to ensure robust brand awareness at your events while communicating real-time updates swiftly to target audiences using social media marketing.
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Google Workspace

TSB helps clients set up their cloud-based Google Apps, which allows clients to have access to all their files in one place. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime on your professional email and cloud storage.

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Google Ads

With graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, text-based search ads, shopping ads or in-app mobile ads, you have plenty of ways to reach your target customer with AdWords. You can also see how many people are shown your ads, visit your website, or call your business. You can even target specific demographics to pinpoint specific business needs.
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Graphic Design

TSB will review with the client their company branding elements and any new branding elements that may be required. This service is designed for a small business, a non-profit organization, government entity or individual to create a unique design that will build your brand.
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Media Buying

TSB has partnered with several media buying practitioners to create and develop media strategies and build upon your current success. We help develop an updated plan for approval, then go into the execution phase.
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Mobile Device ID Tagging

Reach and retarget your audience based on their precise mobile locations. TSB can generate these our clients to give them more insights about their audience. We are able to retrieve up to a years worth of historical data.
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Native Ads

With Native Ads, TSB can seamlessly blend your ads onto a page by matching the media content and format being displayed on that page. Unlike your typical display ad or banner ad, a native ad does not really appear as an ad because certain metadata is used to help it flow with the page. The key is that it exposes the reader to your content without disrupting the customer journey.
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Remember, living in a digital world there isn’t a shortage of images but is that the story you want to tell for your business or organization?
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Print & Promotion

TSB can help promote your brand and spread brand awareness with use of digital and/or printed promotional products. We can provide the design and as well as the production of any promotional product of your choice.
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Public Relations

TSB has partnered with several Public Relations practitioners. As part of a strategic communications plan, public relations would include a proactive campaign of messaging, media relations, community relations and stakeholder relations.
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Reputation Management

Reputation Management are the factors driving and impacting the buying decisions of customers every day. People are visiting these sites because they are in the market to purchase a product, and are seeking confirmation that the product they are interested in has been used and approved by others.

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Small Business Package

TSB will create an adaptive and responsive 1 Page website using the WordPress CMS to promote your business. In addition, TSB will set up Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram.
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Corporate Training

TSB will teach your team to how to properly utilize all the tools needed to succeed. We provide trainings both on-site and off-site and are specialized in Reputation Management and Canva.
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Video Production

TSB has partnered with several video production companies, There is a methodical approach to producing desired results. How do you convey your message? Tell your story by capturing an emotion.
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WordPress Landing Page

Landing pages are built to drive consumer traffic to your website for a specific marketing campaign goal. The TSB web team will ensure that your landing page is functioning and performing to its fullest potential.

About Us

Located in San Antonio, Texas, The Social Being provides Marketing Solutions, Event Management, and Business Coaching to clients nationwide. As a leading advertising agency, The Social Being works closely with our clients to redesign websites, enhance Google search results by implementing SEO – search engine optimization, provide social media marketing strategies, and plan conferences using our event management services.

“The Social Being has always treated our company as if we were their only client. Their staff has always been very professional and patient with us. They have always been very respectful of our deadlines. Overall, we appreciate The Social Being and we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have selected to use them from the start.”

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