Our Reach

  • Hand-drawn shapes around actual property locations to eliminate extraneous areas such as sidewalks or streets
  • Serve ads to visitors when they enter polygons
  • Retarget ads to people who have been to competitor stores
  • Measure in-store visitation due to the campaign
  • Utilize Historical Data- Determine patronage patterns immediately before or after arriving at the location and day part for additional insights
  • Utilize Device ID Data for custom audience building in other forms of advertising, such as Facebook, Instagram, Programmatic Display/Preroll, CTV/OTT, Google, YouTube, and Digital Audio Streaming

Pre-Campaign Research

Reach and retarget your audience based on their precise mobile locations. TSB can generate these for our clients to give them more insights about their audience. We are able to retrieve up to a year’s worth of historical data.

Custom Polygons

Target your customized audience more precisely by using hand-drawn polygons. We are able to eliminate extraneous areas like sidewalks, parking lots, etc.

Post-Campaign Reporting

After every campaign, TSB offers measurable results based on foot traffic pre and post-campaign

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