Kick-off Your Campaign With the Right Research

Make connections with location affinity.

Leverage research pre-campaign to plan locations that your audience is likely or unlikely to visit.

Map your audience’s path to visit

Target based on device home locations or paths likely to be taken during your campaign

Hit your target by leveraging historical data.

Hone your campaign’s accuracy with archived device data from up to four years ago.

Hyper-Target Your Campaign’s Audience

Target your audience with verified device data.

Build insights with verified device ID data from half a billion devices pulled 500 times a month.

Deliver your campaign to hand-drawn polygons.

Serve to exact areas you want, accurate to three feet, and remove extraneous areas (sidewalks, parking, etc).

Making Data More UsefuI With Custom Drawn Polygons
• l.SM+ high value retail locations (and growing)
• Hand drawn and double verified
• Road View, Aerial/Satellite View, custom shapes
• The most accurate boundary solution on the market
Use device IDs to live target and re-target.
Identify relevant device IDs in custom polygons then re-target based on in-store or competitor site visits.

BidStream data that serves ads in a diverse selection of over 100,000 apps.

Owned & operated foreground/background data.

Owned location SOK collecting data from 50+ apps

3rd Party SOK partners foreground and background data from 25 different app verticals

Over 14 trillion location observations since 2014

120 billion data points per month

710 million monthly active devices globally

274 million monthly active devices in the US