When Debera found out that she could mimic the look of stone during countertop resurfacing and offer customers a gorgeous, durable piece of art, she dedicated all her time learning how to manipulate the epoxy to get the looks that she desired.

She offers art classes, epoxy countertop classes, countertop resurfacing, and much more, including a gift shop of products made by Debera’s Ditties ARTistic Stone Countertops and Epoxy Works.



Debera’s Ditties in San Antonio offers a unique blend of artistry and practicality. They specialize in crafting stunning and durable epoxy countertops, transforming surfaces into artful creations. Additionally, they foster creativity through engaging art classes and a gift shop featuring Debera’s handcrafted work. For those seeking a cost-effective refresh, they also offer countertop resurfacing services. Whether you desire a custom countertop, artistic expression, or a unique gift, Debera’s Ditties provides a one-stop shop fueled by passion and dedication to customer satisfaction.


We collaborated with them and offered a blend of artistic and practical services to design a user-friendly and visually captivating website. The website showcases their unique offerings, including custom-designed elements and creative workshops, through high-quality visuals and engaging descriptions. Clear navigation guides visitors to explore relevant sections, while a prominent call to action encourages them to connect and inquire about services. This website aims to not only inform potential customers but also inspire them and capture the essence of the company’s creative spirit.